Consistent Hashing: Algorithmic Tradeoffs

 server := serverList[hash(key) % N]
  • When adding or removing servers, only 1/nth of the keys should move.
  • Don’t move any keys that don’t need to move.
It scrolls on like this for a while
func (m *Map) Add(nodes ...string) {
for _, n := range nodes {
for i := 0; i < m.replicas; i++ {
hash := int(m.hash([]byte(strconv.Itoa(i) + " " + n)))
m.nodes = append(m.nodes, hash)
m.hashMap[hash] = n
func (m *Map) Get(key string) string {
hash := int(m.hash([]byte(key)))
idx := sort.Search(len(m.keys),
func(i int) bool { return m.keys[i] >= hash }
if idx == len(m.keys) {
idx = 0
return m.hashMap[m.keys[idx]]

A Brief Digression on Ketama

unsigned int k_limit = floorf(pct * 40.0 * ketama->numbuckets);
float floorf(float x);
unsigned int numbuckets;
float pct;
limit := int(float32(float64(pct) * 40.0 * float64(numbuckets)))

“Are we done?” OR “Why Is This Still a Research Topic?”

Jump Hash

func Hash(key uint64, numBuckets int) int32 {
var b int64 = -1
var j int64
for j < int64(numBuckets) {
b = j
key = key*2862933555777941757 + 1
j = int64(float64(b+1) *
(float64(int64(1)<<31) / float64((key>>33)+1)))
return int32(b)

“Are we done?” OR “Why Is This Still a Research Topic?” (2)

Multi-Probe Consistent Hashing

Rendezvous Hashing

func (r *Rendezvous) Lookup(k string) string {
khash := r.hash(k)

var midx int
var mhash = xorshiftMult64(khash ^ r.nhash[0])

for i, nhash := range r.nhash[1:] {
if h := xorshiftMult64(khash ^ nhash); h > mhash {
midx = i + 1
mhash = h

return r.nstr[midx]

Maglev Hashing


Weighted Hosts

Load Balancing


Benchmarks for a single lookup with different node counts; timings in nanoseconds


Source Code





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